Kanat Aldabergenovich Bozumbayev
President of the Federation

Kanat Bozumbayev

A well-known statesman and politician of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kanat Aldabergenovich Bozumbayev is an assistant to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan today.

During his career he worked both in private companies and in state structures:

  • was Vice Minister of the energy of trade and industry;
  • Director of the Department of Gas and Oil;
  • Vice President, and then President of a company specializing in the management of electrical networks.

He was also the akim of Zhambyl and Pavlodar regions.

Kanat Aldabergenovich Bozumbayev has an honorary title “Honored Energy worker of CIS» and he is herald with Kurmet Order reward. 

Qazaq kuresi is a kazakh national wrestling, which is one of the ancient sports. This single combat is very popular in modern Kazakhstan, and the qazaq kuresi competitions are held on holidays and celebrations.

It has been included in the program of republican competitions since 1938, and UNESCO has noted the influence on the strengthening of relations between communities based on the principles of tolerance, goodwill, and solidarity, and has added qazaq kuresi into a representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of mankind since 2016.

Association of legal entities in the form of the association "International Federation Qazaq Kuresi". The organization was officially registered by the Justice Department of Astana on 24 March 2017

The leaders of the federations from 35 countries assembled the Constitutive Congress of the International Federation Qazaq Kuresi in Astana in February 2017, where the work of the International Federation Qazaq Kuresi was approved and the president of the international federation was elected, which became Kanat Bozumbayev, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Olympic champion Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov and famous wrestler Daulet Turlykhanov were elected by the Vice Presidents of the international federation and invited to the federation. Similar positions were taken by the leaders of the federations from the People's Republic of China and Poland.

Major objectives of the Federation:

Development, popularization, and promotion of qazaq kuresi in all the countries worldwide.

Organization of relations and friendly ties, as well as ensuring peaceful coexistence of the respective national federations of qazaq kuresi, respect, and protection of their interests.

Ensuring a strict observance of the rules of qazaq kuresi during all competitions without exception in the framework of the Championship and the World Cup, as well as various continental and international competitions held under the control of the Federation. Representation and protection of interests of qazaq kuresi in national and Olympic committees, the International Olympic Committee and other international sports organizations.