Qazaq kuresi International Federation celebrates 2 years

Qazaq kuresi International  Federation celebrates 2 years

   Qazaq kuresi International  Federation celebrates 2 years

   Exactly two years have passed since the beginning of the activity of the International Federation Qazaq kuresi. Qazaq kuresi - Kazakh national wrestling, which is one of the oldest sports. In modern Kazakhstan, martial arts are very popular, and qazaq kuresi competitions are held at festivals and celebrations. The decision on creation of the International federation was made in Astana in 2017 at the constituent assembly. Federation the famous statesman, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan heads the Rope Bozumbayev. In federation a legend of the Kazakhstan sport, the Olympic champion Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov, the silver and bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games the famous fighter of Daulet Turlykhanov who were elected vice presidents were also invited.

  Today, the International Federation Qazaq kuresi is the only public organization in Kazakhstan, which has not only international status, but also acts as an active organizer of qazaq kuresi tournaments at a foreign level. We add that the International Federation Qazaq kuresi is the only association of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is responsible for the development of qazaq kuresi at the world level and unites like-minded people and partners around the world. Despite the short period of existence of the International Federation, a lot of work has been done. It consists of 28 national federations of countries in Europe and Asia. Now we see a huge interest in Qazaq kuresi all over the world. Every year the Federation holds international tournaments and events. For these 2 years already held: the world championship on Qazaq kuresi 2017 (Astana, Kazakhstan), the International seminar for coaches and judges 2018 (Tbilisi, Georgia), I European Championship on Qazaq kuresi 2018 (Batumi, Georgia), training camp 2018 (Almaty, Kazakhstan), I Asian Championship 2018 (Astana, Kazakhstan), under the auspices of the Federation, the “Alem Barys” tournament is held. National championships were also organized, for example, in 2018 - 3 championships, in 2019 their number has already reached 10.

    In June, 2019 the Federation will hold the II European championship in the city of Wroclaw, Poland. It is expected that 100 fighters from 23 countries of Europe will gather in Poland. The international federation of Qazaq kuresi foots the bill on equipment of fighters and also training of foreign judges in rules of work at tournaments in qazaq kuresi. Thanks to the vigorous activity of the leadership of the Federation, the popularity of qazaq kuresi today is progressing far beyond Kazakhstan.

  Are already fond of this type of fight in Georgia, China, the European Union countries, Iran, etc. In plans of the International federation of Qazaq kuresi to carry out until the end of the year: European championship, Championship of Asia, World Cup, World Cup and many other things.